Packaging Design

An exhibition of some Product label and packaging designs i have worked on for clients.


These designs were developed after thorough breakdown of the project briefs and rigorous research conducted on the background of the products and it's likely competitors in the market or industry they seek to operate and penetrate. Each project took a minimum of a week and a maximum of not more than a month. In each project a couple of alternative concepts were submitted but these were the final choices.


A Packaging Design for Awin Shea Butter a Holland based cosmetics company that produces skin and hair creams from natural shea Butter (100% organic)


A simple label  and product packaging design for Glow and Tame cosmetics.It is a Ghanaian owned cosmetic business. Client preferred  a minimalist label with less information aside the product name and logo.


Gikaline Food Spices label and packaging design


This is a no commission project i embarked on.This was actually my submission to Fanice Gh Ltd when they  organized a contest to select a new design packaging for their products. 

Concept of the design was about freedom which was related to the independence day of Ghana.It was meant to be released on the 64th Independence day of Ghana. Unfortunately this design couldn't win the ultimate.