Corporate  Career 

Michael Asiamah first got employed in 2013 and since then his journey in the corporate world has been one of progression, development and milestone achievements. He has gotten much experience which makes him a vital versatile person that can occupy many diverse roles. Below is a summary of his Corporate Journey.

In the year 2013 Michael got employed by ADM Cocoa Company as a production staff where he was directly involved in the packaging of cocoa paste, ensuring quality product packaging and product quality assurance after cocoa beans have been refined into cocoa paste under the production department.

After 5 months of working as a production staff, he was appointed to be part of the Value Based Committee (VBS), a committee set-up by the company with selected members from every department that ensured safety protocols were adhered to and staff injuries reduced. Michael had the opportunity to be appointed as the only staff from his department. He served on the committee as a Data Co-ordinator, during his 7 months period on the committee only 1 minor injury was recorded. Which was a great improvement compared to the previous statistics regarding injuries at that time. This success could be attributed to the accurate Data compiled and analyzed during his term on the VBS Committee as data co-ordinator.

After completion of National Service Scheme, Michael secured employment at Prudential life Insurance as a Sales executive. His daily duties included prospecting for potential customers, appointments with potential clients, sale of insurance policies and providing reliable information to customers on insurance products and services. This role exposed him to encounters with dignified people as the range of potential clients prospected had no limitations and majority of them were doctors, business men and other respectable persons. He built lots of courage and confidence which helped him a lot in his career development as he was an introvert.

Michael held his first senior Management position in his career as he was made the  Director of the National Youth Authority at Sekyere Central   District. He served for 1 year in this capacity before moving on to his next Job. During his time as the NYA District Director, he engaged a lot of youth groups in the district. He held seminars and workshops for these various youth groups, through which some acquired handi Skills to make a living for themselves. He also made sure various youth groups got registered under the NYA to enable them operate properly in accordance with the right regulations and benefit from any policies and initiatives from the National Youth Authority and the government.

One major achievement under his tenure was the facilitation and inauguration of the youth parliament in the Sekyere Central District Which became the 2nd youth parliament to be inaugurated in the Ashanti Region after the Kwadaso youth parliament. He also coordinated, supervised, organized and reported all Youth development related programs.He fostered and ensured Youth empowerment and also ensured preparation of activities and financial reports.

In the year 2019, GIG Mobility a huge tech-transport company in Nigeria expanded their operations on the African continent by setting up branches in Ghana with their terminals located in Accra and Kumasi respectively. Michael was employed as  part of the few employees to commence the company's start-up operations in Ghana. He was employed as an Experience officer and posted to Kumasi Terminal. With his background in accounting he assumed the accounts officer role in addition. His core duties on daily basis was creating and maintaining guest reservations records, preparing accounts and performing banking duties, promoting online booking app downloads and selling bus tickets to walk-in guests.

After a year Michael got promoted to managing of the operations of the terminal making him the Branch Manager. He assumed and executed duties associated with this role perfectly as he made GIGM become the choice of transport for elite travelers commuting from Accra to Kumasi. GIGM App was majorly downloaded by students on KNUST Campus which they largely patronized the services whenever they break for vacation.

After resigning from GIG Mobility in 2021, Michael secured a remote role as a creative designer  with South African Publishing Company Earnest Writes. He contributed to the company's graphic content used on social media. He acquired an experience in this new position as working remotely from a different country.

In 2022,Michael got employed by Super Lovek Phones as an Online Manager where he was in charge of all graphic designs and social media page management for the company and it's sister company Lovek Condos. He contributed a lot to the online department by creating eye catchy and captivating graphic content that enhanced the company's brand positioning. He also helped improved the company's online presence by building it Facebook page from 538 followers to 11k followers, managed and maintained all websites under Lovek group of companies. One of his remarkable signature left behind was the designing of new uniforms for Super Lovek Phones and Lovek Condos. He also handled the entire  brand Identity Design including logos, packaging designs, billboards, uniforms and social media invasion strategy for the new emerging company from the group of companies at that time which is Super-Mc Restaurant and Uptown Foods.

Michael got promoted at Lovek group of companies in 2023 to become the Managing Director of their new company Super-Mc Restaurant which have subsidiaries as Uptown Foods, M-Express, Super Bites, Vegas SkyBar and Beverly Hills Apartment.